Sydvatten cooperates with LUCSUS

Sydvatten cooperates with LUCSUS in the school project “Tänk H2O” where high school students learn more about water.

50 students from Lund spent two intensive days at the Lake Bolmen to learn more about water. The students were discussing water from different perspectives under the guidance of staff from LUCSUS, Sydvatten and ”Vildmarksgymnasiet” (Wilderness School) in Unnaryd. How much virtual water is embedded in our consumption? Which aquatic animals can easily be found at the shore of the lake? How can countries cooperate on water issues? How does a water purification plant work? These were some questions that the students had to answer during two days in Tiraholm at Lake Bolmen, the main source of drinking water for people in Skåne.

This project will continue and in 2015, 500 students from upper secondary school will be offered a two-day field trip to Lake Bolmen.

 Torsten Krause discusses with students  Students from the school Polhem Students from the school Polhem

Read more about the project at Sydvatten’s website »

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