Staff Alumni

anna Anna Kaijser

PhD in Sustainability Science
Now postdoc with the Environmental Humanities Collaboratory at the Department for Thematic Studies – Environmental Change, Linköping University
AlmedomAstier Astier Almedom

Professor Astier Almedom sadly passed away on 24 July 2016.
She was a visiting professor at LUCSUS in 2013-2014.
a_bodilelm Bodil Elmqvist

PhD in Physical Geography, Lund University
Now Environmental Consultant at COWI
Cheryl Sjöström Cheryl Sjöström

PhD in Sustainability Science
E-mail: cheryl.sjostrom(at)
a_giovanni Giovanni Bettini

PhD in Sustainability Science
Now lecturer, Lancaster Environment Centre,
Lancaster University, UK
E-mail: g.bettini(at)
4ingegerd Ingegerd Ehn

Director of Studies
E-mail: ingegerd.ehn(at)
a_Juratesmall Jurate Miliute Plepiene

Post Doc
E-mail: jurate.miliute-plepiene(at)
Lena Christensen Lena Christensen

PhD in American Literature, Lund University
E-mail: lena.christensen(at)
Melissa Hansen

PhD in Sustainability Science
2stefan Stefan Anderberg

Now professor in Industrial Ecology and Environmental
Technology and Management, Linköping Univeristy
New E-mail: stefan.anderberg(at)

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