Sanna Stålhammar


Current Research

My PhD project focuses on the ecosystem services concept and to what extent values of nature amongst citizens are captured by valuation methods of ecosystem services. The Swedish government has set an interim goal to include the values of ecosystem services on all levels of economic and political decision-making by 2018. The point of departure for this study is that identification, mapping and valuation of ecosystem services used in decision-making should as often as possible include those that use or affect the ecosystem services. The aim is to advance valuation or assessment methods of cultural values of ecosystem through investigating how current methods capture values compared to more in-depth investigation of individuals’ values of nature.


I am a PhD candidate in Sustainability Science within the LUCID program at the Lund University Center for Sustainability Studies (LUCSUS) at Lund University in Lund, Sweden. My background is in Environmental Social Science and I received my Bachelor’s degree in 2011 in Environmental Social Science and Human Ecology from the University of Gothenburg and my Master of Science in 2013 in Ecosystem Services from the University of Edinburgh. I have been working as a research assistant at the University of Kristianstad during 2014 and 2015, predominantly in the research project ECOSIMP (Ecosystem Services Implementation), conducting qualitative interviews with municipal civil servants and politicians about the perception and attitude towards the ecosystem services concept. I also have work experience from Tamil Nadu in India, for an environmental organization working for food security through community-based natural resource management with small-scale farmers.




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