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Research interests

My background is in hydro ecology, environmental engineering and industrial ecology. The last years I am mainly focusing on sustainable waste management issues. My PhD was based on action-oriented research focusing on optimization of socio-economic systems using modeling for decision support in municipal waste management. The results of this research have been used in preparing regional waste management strategies and action plans.

My teaching experience is in the areas related to sustainable recourse and integrated waste management using Life Cycle Analysis, Life Cycle Costing, Cost-Benefit Analysis and Material Flow Analysis. In these areas I am also supervising a few MSc theses.

Currently I am expanding research focus from industrial ecology to social aspects of waste management. My post-doc research at LUCSUS (financed by the Visby program of the Swedish Institute) is analyzing regional disparities in household waste recycling behavior and policy in the Eastern and Western European countries taking case examples of Sweden and Lithuania. The aims are:

  • Define variables determining household pre-sorting rate and find their interactions,
  • Determine the role of different policy instruments affecting waste sorting,
  • Interpret, how public policies could be improved to facilitate a more sustainable municipal waste management.


Peer-Reviewed Publications

Miliute-Plepiene J., Hage O., Reipas A., Plepys A., 2016. What motivates households recycling behaviour in recycling schemes of different maturity? Lessons from Lithuania and Sweden. Resources, Conservation & Recycling. 113, 40–52 doi:10.1016/j.resconrec.2016.05.008

Staniškis J. K. (ed.), Miliute-Plepiene J. (one of the co-authors), 2016. Sustainable waste management, Monograph. In press.

Miliute-Plepiene, J., Plepys, A.,  2015. Does food sorting prevents and improves sorting of householdwaste? A case in Sweden. Journal of Cleaner Production. DOI:10.1016/j.jclepro.2015.04.013

Miliute, J., Staniskis, J. K., 2010. Application of life-cycle assessment in optimization of municipal waste management systems: the case of Lithuania. Waste Management and Research 28 (4), 298-308.
doi: 10.1177/0734242X09342149

Miliute J., Plepys A., 2009. Driving forces for high household waste recycling. Lessons from Sweden. Environmental research, engineering and management 1 (47).

Juskaite-Norbutiene R., Miliute J., Cesnaitis R., 2007. Biodegradable waste and by-products from food industry management systems in Lithuania: analysis, problems and possibilities for improvements. Environmental research, engineering and management 4 (42).

Miliute J., Staniskis J. K., 2006. Analysis and possibilities for improving the Lithuanian Construction and Demolition Waste Management System. Environmental Research, Engineering and Management 2 (36).

Doctoral thesis

Miliute J., 2009. Integrated decision support model of municipal waste management system. Doctoral dissertation. Kaunas University of Technology.

Book for students

Staniskis J. K. (ed.), Miliute J. (one of the co-authors), 2005. INTEGRUOTA ATLIEKŲ VADYBA (Integrated waste management). Kaunas, Technologija. ISBN: 9955-09-751-5. 367 p.

International conference papers

Miliute-Plepiene J., Samoilenko N., Yermakovych I., 2014. “Energy recovery from waste in the context of sustainable urban development” in proceedings of international conference “Ethical foundations and individual’s responsibility within the human civilization destiny”. National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute”, 5-6 Nov, 2014, Kharkiv, Ukraine.

 Staniškis J.K., Miliute J., 2009. Municipal waste management system based on life-cycle assessment. In electronic proceedings of ISWA/APESB World Congress “Turning Waste into Ideas”, 12-15 Oct 2009, Lisbon, Portugal. 2009: [1-6].

Miliute J., 2006. Environmental and economic aspects of regional waste management system: Lithuanian case. Abstract for poster presentation. International conference “Decision Support for Waste Management in the EU”. Cracow, Poland.

Popular science articles

Miliute-Plepiene J. (2015/4).“How to motivate  a householder to recycle: comparison between Sweden and Lithuania” (in Lithuanian). Research summary, distributed electronically to Alytus Regional Waste Management Center,  Lithuanian Regional Waste Management Association and media in Lithuania.

Miliute-Plepiene J., Plepys A., 2014. Do we produce less garbage and sort better packaging after start sorting food waste? Popular science paper distributed electronically to municipality of Vellinge, Swedish Waste Management Association (Avfall Sverige) and media in Sweden.

Miliute-Plepiene J. 2014. “Energy recovery from waste: opportunities and challenges for the Baltic sea region”. Popular science paper for the InnoHeat project web-page. (http://innoheat.eu/1381/1381)

Technical reports

Miliute-Plepiene J., 2014. Sociological study “Households recycling behavior in Alytus region”. Research report (in Lihuanian).

Kliopova I., Cesnaitis R., Miliute J., 2008. Research report. “Management of industrial waste—action programme”. Financed by Lithuanian Ministry of Economy.

Juskaite-Norbutiene R., Miliute J., Cesnaitis, 2006. Research report “Feasibility study on collection and treatment of biodegradable waste” (in Lithuanian). “Organinių ir biodegraduojamųjų atliekų surinkimo ir perdirbimo galimybių studija” Financed by Lithuanian Ministry of Eonomy.

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