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P.O. Box 170, SE-22100 Lund, Sweden

Current Project

I am currently employed in a project entitled “Mot hållbar biomassa inom bioekonomin?” which focusses on the role of certification schemes for bioenergy in the growing biobased economy.

I am also part of an interdisciplinary research group at Pufendorf Instistute which focusses on Energy Justice. More information on this project can be found here.

Research Interests

My PhD project investigated the impact of transnational municipal networks that have been set up in response to climate change. In particular I looked at the question of how municipalities make use of their membership in these networks. Geographically I focussed on Germany where more than 400 municipalities have joined at least one of these climate networks. These municipalities account for more than half of the German population (44 Mio inhabitants).

Furthermore, I’m interested in system thinking, applications of renewable energy, sustainable urban development in general and the depiction of climate change in popular culture – in particular video games.


I have a background in Governmental Studies (Erfurt, Germany) and hold a MSC in Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science (LUMES) as well as a PhD in Sustainability Science from Lund University. I graduated from my Masters in 2010 with a thesis on the motivation of municipal key-actors to support the introduction of renewable energies. After graduation I have been working at the Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engeneering in Potsdam-Bornim, Germany before returning to Sweden in 2011. I finished my PhD in 2016 with a thesis on the impact of transnational municipal climate networks on urban climate governance.


Busch, H. (2016). Entagled Cities – Transnational Municipal Climate Networks and Urban Governance. PhD Thesis in Sustainability Science. Lund University. http://lup.lub.lu.se/search/record/78ae371f-bb48-4bcd-ad2d-920efb4fad7e

Fenton, P. & Busch, H. (2016). Identifying the “Usual Suspects”—Assessing Patterns of Representation in Local Environmental Initiatives. Challenges in Sustainability 4 (2), http://www.librelloph.com/challengesinsustainability/article/view/cis-4.2.1

Islar, M. & Busch, H. (2016). “We are not in this to save the polar bears!” – the link between community renewable energy development and ecological citizenschip. Innovation: The European Journl of Social Science Research, http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/13511610.2016.1188684

Busch, H. & Anderberg, S. (2015). Green Attraction – Transnational Municipal Climate Networks and Green City Branding. Journal of Management and Sustainability, 5(4) http://www.ccsenet.org/journal/index.php/jms/article/view/52101/29650

A video abstract for the article can be found here:

Busch, H. (2015). Linked for Action? An analysis of transnational municipal climate networks in Germany. International Journal of Urban Sustainable Development 7(2) http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/19463138.2015.1057144#.Vdsr7mM2xgo

A video abstract for the article can be found here:

Busch, H. & McCormick, K. (2014). Local power: exploring the motivations of mayors and key success factors for local municipalities to go 100% renewable energy. Energy, Sustainability and Society, 4(5) http://www.energsustainsoc.com/content/4/1/5/abstract

A video abstract for the article can be found here:

Mendle, R. & Busch, H. (2014). Working Paper: The ball-bearing framework for trans-municipal learning. Pdf available here: The Ball-Bearing Framework for trans-municipal learning

Kunze, C. & Busch, H. (2011). The Social Complexity of Renewable Energy Production in the Countryside. Electronic Green Journal, 1(31) http://escholarship.org/uc/item/18p5h0fh


News and updates on my work can be found: here


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