Elina Andersson

Phd Graduate



Papers and publications

Bettini, G. and Andersson, E., 2014: Sand Waves and Human Tides: Exploring Environmental Myths on Desertification and Climate-Induced Migration. The Journal of Environment & Development 1070496513519896, first published on January 14, 2014 as doi:10.1177/1070496513519896

Andersson, E., 2014: Turning waste into value: using human urine to enrich soils for sustainable food production in Uganda. Journal of Cleaner Production, forthcoming

Andersson, E., Brogaard, S., Olsson, L., 2011: Political Ecology of Land Degradation.Annual Review of Environment and Resources 36, 295-319.

Andersson, E. and Gabrielsson, S., 2012: ‘Because of poverty, we had to come together’: collective action for improved food security in rural Kenya and Uganda.International Journal of Agricultural Sustainability 10(3).

Andersson, E. 2008. Soil for life: Exploring soil fertility management strategies among smallholders in Tororo, Uganda, Master’s thesis, Human Ecology, Lund University

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