Anne Jerneck

Associate Professor in Sustainability Science




Concerning Southeast Asia I have studied aspects of modern socio-economic transformation in Vietnam relating to national development strategies and the changing role of the state in the transition from plan to market in the 1980s and 1990s. In that context and with a focus on income and career opportunities among people who are poor, I also studied gender inequalities in urban labour markets, formal and informal, as well as rural income opportunities in aqua culture. Thereafter, I have studied options and capacities for climate change mitigation and adaptation among ‘the poorest of the poor in sustainable livelihoods’ in coastal Vietnam and in agroforestry based subsistence farming in Kenya.

Regarding development and sustainability, I am interested in how they compare as two normative fields with many commonalities in terms of inter-disciplinarity, policy orientation, participatory methods and trans-disciplinarity. I am also concerned about how they vary in terms of spatial and temporal scales and approaches. Sustainability science (SS) differs from development in at least three aspects: SS starts from a global perspective that does not dichotomise the global North from the global South; it takes an integrative approach attempting to bridge knowledge from natural science with that of social science; and it is concerned with both contemporary and future generations.

Regarding sustainability science as an emerging scientific and scholarly field, I am interested in knowledge structuring, methodology (mainly qualitative approaches) and sustainability pathways relating to livelihoods and lifestyles. I am interested in if/how social theory like symbolic interactionism, institutionalism and various critical theories of discourse and power, including feminist and gender perspectives, can be useful in sustainability science. In addition I am exploring how qualitative methodology, like grounded theory and situated analysis, can be used to design and perform studies in sustainability science where theories on adaptation, transition and governance are common. Finally, I am interested in our LUCID profile of combining critical with problem solving research and how that relates to ongoing debates on research evaluation and decision making referring to quality criteria such as the following two sets: credibility, originality, resonance and usefulness versus salience, credibility and legitimacy (see Charmaz 2006; Cash and Clark 2002).


I am a senior lecturer in economic history and associate professor in sustainability science. In research and my scholarship of teaching and learning, I have focused on processes of social, structural and institutional change mainly in relation to poverty, inequality, development and sustainability. Regarding social change in Western societies, and as part of a wider field of comparative economic history, I have offered undergraduate courses on industrialisation as a major social process. Relating to social change in Asia and Latin America I have been involved in courses on post-war economic transformation under various political regimes as well as courses on post-cold war transition from plan to market as a special type of structural and institutional change. In all these courses there was a focus on long term social change, interactions between state and market, resource distribution, labour markets, livelihood strategies and rural-urban linkages.

In terms of development studies and programs I have joined interdisciplinary teams to design and offer a range of courses on theories, strategies and contemporary development issues. In addition, we have designed courses emphasizing historical aspects of development such as colonialism, state construction and land acquisition. Furthermore, we have debated critical theory such as feminist, postcolonial and post-development perspectives. In addition, we have discussed development in times of globalisation and migration as well as in relation to climate change and sustainability. Eventually, some of those themes and ideas were synthesized into a book on politics and development in times of globalization that I was invited to co-author with two development researchers (2011/2012). When it comes to methodology I have joined interdisciplinary teams to teach various bachelor and master courses in qualitative inquiry, research strategies, field methods, data analysis and the use of theory and heuristics for synthesising findings.

Papers and publications

Articles in peer-reviewed journals

Jerneck A. 2014: Searching for a Mobilizing Narrative on Climate Change The Journal of Environment & Development. Volume 23:1, 14-39. doi:10.1177/1070496513507259

Jerneck A., Olsson L. 2013: More than Trees! Understanding the agroforestry adoption gap in subsistence agriculture: insights from narrative walks in Kenya. Journal of Rural Studies, Volume 32, October 2013, Pages 114–125

Jerneck, A. and L. Olsson. 2013. Food first! Theorising assets and actors in agroforestry: risk evaders, opportunity seekers and ‘the food imperative’ in sub-Saharan Africa. International Journal of Agricultural Sustainability, Volume x:x, pp (22 pages). DOI: 10.1080/14735903.2012.751714

Gabrielsson, S; Brogaard, S; Jerneck, A. 2012. Living without buffers – illustrating climate vulnerability in the Lake Victoria basin, Sustainability Science, Volume x:x, pp (15 p) (In Press). DOI 10.1007/s11625-012-0191-3

Jerneck, A. and L. Olsson. 2012. A smoke-free kitchen: initiating community based co-production for cleaner cooking and cuts in carbon emission. Journal of Cleaner Production, Volume xxx (2012) 1-8 (8 pages) (In Press).

Jerneck, A. and L. Olsson. 2011. Breaking out of sustainability Impasses: how to apply frame analysis, reframing and transition theory to global health challenges. Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions, Volume 1(2011) 255-271. (17 p). DOI:10.1016/j.eist.2011.10.005

Jerneck, A., L. Olsson, B. Ness, S. Anderberg, M. Baier, E. Clark, T. Hickler, A. Hornborg, A. Kronsell, E. Lövbrand, J. Persson. 2011. Structuring Sustainability Science. Sustainability Science, Volume 6, Number 1, pp 69-82. (14 p). DOI 10.1007/s11625-010-0117-x

Olsson, L. and Jerneck, A. 2010. Farmers fighting climate change – from victims to agents in subsistence livelihoods. Wiley Interdisciplinary Review on Climate Change. Volume 1, May/June 2010, pp 363-373. (11 p).

Jerneck, A. and L. Olsson. 2008. Adaptation and the poor: Development, Resilience, Transition. Climate Policy.Volume 8, Number 2, pp 170-182. (13 p).

Gabrielson, S; Brogaard, S; Jerneck, A. 2012. Living without buffers: Illustrating climate vulnerability in the Lake Victoria basin, Sustainability Science. (Under review).

Co-authored book in Development Studies

Jönsson, Kristina; Anne Jerneck; Malin Arvidsson. 2012. Politics and development in a globalised world. Lund: Studentlitteratur. (197 p).

Jönsson, Kristina; Anne Jerneck; Malin Arvidsson. 2011. Politik och utveckling i en globaliserad värld – en introduktion. Lund: Studentlitteratur. (187 p).

Chapters in peer-reviewed books

Jerneck, A. and L. Olsson. 2012. ‘Smoke. Cooking, coughing and collective action in Kenya’. In Alf Hornborg, Brett Clark, Kenneth Hermele. Eds. Ecology and Power: Struggles over Land and Material Resources in the Past, Present, and Future. London and New York: Routledge. (11 p).

Jerneck, A. 2010. ‘Globalisation, Growth and Gender: Poor Workers and Vendors in Urban Vietnam’. In H. Rydstrǿm. Ed. Gendering Inequalities in Asia: Configuring, Contesting, and Recognizing Women and Men. Copenhagen: NIAS Curzon Press. (25 p).

Jerneck, A. and L. Olsson. 2010. ‘Shaping future adaptation governance: Perspectives from the poorest of the poor’. In F. Biermann, P. Pattberg, F. Zelli. Eds. Global Climate Governance Post 2012: Architecture, Agency and Adaptation. Cambridge, UK, Cambridge University Press. (20 p).

Biermann, F., P. Pattberg, F. Zelli (Lead authors), H. van Asselt, I. Boas, C. Flachsland, N. Goel, A. Hof, A. Jerneck, E. Massey, L. Olsson, J. Stripple (Contributing authors). 2010. ‘Global climate governance 2012: architectyre, agency and adaptation’. In M. Hulme and H. Neufeldt. Making Climate Change Work for Us.Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. (28 p).

Gupta, J. , Å. Persson, L. Olsson (Lead Authors), J Bayer, N van der Grijp, A Jerneck, R. J.T. Klein, M. Thompson. A. Patt (Contributing Authors). 2010. ‘Mainstreaming Climate Change in Development Cooperation Policy: Conditions for Success’. In M. Hulme and H. Neufeldt. Eds. Making Climate Change Work for Us. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. (15 p).

Jerneck, A. and Nguyen Thanh Ha. 1995. ‘Unpacking the changing Vietnamese state: Role of the enterprise unions in the move from central-planning to market orientation’. In I. Nǿrlund, Vu Cao Dam, C. Gates. Eds.Vietnam in a Changing World. Copenhagen: NIAS-Curzon Press (21 p).

Popular science and outreach reports

Jerneck, Anne. 2013. Hållbarhetens vetenskap och politik.I: Olsson, Johan, Pär Holmgren, Stellan Tengroth. Att svära i kyrkan – Tjugo röster om evig tillväxt på en ändlig planet. XXX: Pärspektiv.

Olsson, Lennart and Anne Jerneck. 2012. Globalt hållbar samhällsutveckling och framväxten av sustainability science. I: YMER 2012. Svenska Sällskapet för Antropologi och Geografi. Stockholm: SSAG. Olsson, Lennart, Yengoh Tambang Genesis, Turaj Faran and Anne Jerneck. 2012. Internationell handel med jordbruksmark – ett modernt baggböleri. LUCSUS & Right Livelihood Foundation

Conference papers and working papers

Bettini, G., A. Kaijser, A. Jerneck. 2009. ‘Multidimensional Mobility – Politics of Place and People: Merging top-down and bottom-up approaches to environmental migration’. Paper presented at 2009 Amsterdam Conference on the Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change. Earth System Governance: People, Places and the Planet.

Hermele, K., L. Olsson, A. Jerneck. 2009. ‘Dimensions of Distribution – Conflicting views on allocation and access in resource governance’. Paper presented at 2009 Amsterdam Conference on the Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change. Earth System Governance: People, Places and the Planet.

Olsson, L., A. Jerneck, A. 2009. ‘Analytical Reframing – A Methodological Approach in Sustainability Science’. Paper presented at Annual Meeting 2009 Society for Social Studies of Science, Washington DC October 28‐31, 2009 (20 p).

Jerneck, A. and L. Olsson. 2007. ’More than trees’ Working paper. Nairobi: World Agroforestry Centre.

Jerneck, A. 2003B. ‘Globalisation, Growth and Gender: Careers of workers and vendors in urban Vietnam and the questions of (in)equality, (in)security and quality in livelihood’. Paper presented at Second SSAPS Annual Conference 24-26 October 2003, Lund University (30 p).

Jerneck, A. 2003A. ’Klass, kön och karriär i det urbana Vietnam: Staten och låginkomsttagarna i övergången till marknadsekonomi och industrisamhälle’. Paper presented at Ekonomisk-historiska mötet 17-19 oktober 2003 (Economic History Meeting, October 2003), Lund University (23 p).

Jerneck, A. 1999. ‘Gender as a lens on growth with equity: Development strategies, state policies, legislation and labour market in Vietnam compared to Eastern Asia’. Paper presented at Social and Economic Structures and the Origins of the Asian Crisis, November 13-16, 1999, Lund (15 p).

Jerneck, A. 1997. ‘The role of the state in a newly transitionary economy: The case of Vietnam’s general corporations’. Sida Research Report. Stockholm: Sida (25 p).

Jerneck, A. 1994. ‘Adjusting the State or the Market in Vietnam? A Research Agenda for Unpacking the State’. Paper presented at the conference How free are the Southeast Asian Markets?, September 1994, Centre for Southeast Asian Studies, Stockholm University (22 p).

Jerneck, A. and Nguyen Thanh Ha. 1993. ‘From entities of public administration to economic corporations: Role of the state and enterprise unions in Vietnam’s move from central planning to market orientation’, paper presented to the EADI 7th General Conference 15-18 September 1993, Berlin (20p).

Jerneck, A. 1993B. ‘Adjusting the State or the Market in Vietnam? A research agenda for ‘unpacking’ the state’. Paper presented to the NIAS Vietnam Conference, 19-21 August 1993, Copenhagen (17 p).

Jerneck, A. 1993A. ‘Law and Life: Women in Vietnam under Confucianism, Socialism and Capitalism’, paper presented to the conference Gender and Development, Höllviken, 30 March-1 April 1993 (36 p).

Doctoral Thesis

Jerneck, A. 1995. Adjusting State and Market in Vietnam: The story of enterprise unions. Doctoral thesis.Department of Economic History, Lund University. (304 p).

Licentiate Thesis

Jerneck, A. 1992. Structural Adjustment – A development strategy for Vietnam? Licentiate thesis. Department of Economic History, Lund University. (136 p).

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