Special Issue on Urban Water Governance

A number of people at LUCID have been involved in the production of a special issue of Ecology and Society on Urban Water Governance. Mine Islar and Chad Boda published a paper on the Political Ecology of inter basin water transfers in Turkish water governance (see summary and link to article), and Maryam Nastar contributed an article asking What drives the urban water regime? An analysis of water governance arrangements in Hyderabad, India (see summary and link to article). The special issue was co-guest-edited by LUCID director Lennart Olsson.

This special issue came about as a result of collaboration through the Universitas 21 research network of which Lund Univeristy is a member. The network has a project called Water Future for Sustainable Cities, within which LUCSUS was reponsible for the organisation of workshop on water governance in August 2011. The special issue is a collection of articles representing research that was presented by the participants in this workshop. Congratulations to all involved on a successful collaboration.

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