Towards new forms of urban governance and city development: learning from URBan Experiments with Living Labs & City Labs

Main funding organisation

Project timeline
1 September 2014 – 31 August 2017

Project partners
Maastricht University, Netherlands, René Kemp
City of Maastricht, Netherlands, Jos Simons
Lund University, Sweden, Eric Clark
Pantopicon, Belgium, Nicole Rijkens
City of Antwerp, Belgium, Gert Vandermosten
Malmö University, Sweden, Per-Anders Hillgren
City of Malmö, Sweden, Per-Arne Nilsson
Graz University, Austria, Friedrich Zimmermann
City of Graz, Austria, Gerhard Alblasser
City of Leoben, Austria, Wolfgang Domian

Swedish Coordinator
Professor Eric Clark, eric.clark@keg.lu.se

Project summary

European cities face complex economic, social and environmental challenges. To address these challenges, cities seek new approaches. A currently popular approach is urban labs (Living Labs and City Labs), in which local governments engage in solving problems together with other stakeholders in urban development. However, clear guidelines are needed concerning types of problems for which urban labs are most suited and how urban labs can best be organized and integrated into formal local government organisations.

The URB@Exp project aims to develop such guidelines by reviewing experiences of urban labs, and conducting action research in urban labs in five European cities.

Project summary (pdf) »

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