WP4 – Integrative dialogues

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This workpackage will consist of a series of workshops connected to the different case studies, where about 20 researchers, policy makers and stakeholders will participate. The objective of the workshops is to provide a well-informed discussion about EU policy in relation to globalisation and sustainable development and contribute to EU policy development and integration. The workshops will be organised in cooperation with DG Research Sustainable development/globalisation group. Workshop participants will both consist of representatives from EU institutions, government agencies, relevant industries and NGOs that have an interest in either the particular thematic areas or the cross-cutting issues of development, sustainable development or climate change. The workshops will be based on preliminary analyses and scenarios for the different thematic areas and focus on policies for:

  • Trade and Food
  • Migration
  • Energy and Transport
  • International R&D in sustainability issues

The workshops will play a central role for the project integration of both the studies and policy recommendations of the project.


  • International workshop on EU Trade and Food policies
  • International workshop on Migration policies
  • International workshop on Energy and Transport policies
  • International workshop on policies for international technology transfer and eco-innovation

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