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Summary of project achievements in first 18 months (pdf)
Lennart Olsson, Lund University

D2 –
Report from annual meeting with the project partners June 2009 (pdf)

D3 –
Synthesis of the scholarly discourse on globalisation (pdf)
Work package: 1
Jens Bartelson, Lund University

D4 –
Synthesis of the discourses on development and sustainable development (pdf)
Work package: 2
Turaj Faran, Lund University

D5 –
Report from annual meeting with the project partners February 2010 (pdf)

D8 and D9 –
Final report on globalisation and sustainable development informed by sustainability (pdf)

D8 and D9
Work package: 1 and 2
H. Stephan, P. Weaver, J. Bartelson, T. Faran, Lund University

D10 –
Sustainability, globalization and the energy sector: A case study on Europe (pdf)
Work package: 3
H. Waisman, C. Cassen, J-C. Hourcade CIRED

D11 –
The impact of globalisation on food and agriculture: a prospective exercise to 2050 (pdf)
Work package: 3
Thierry Brunel, CIRED

D12 –
Case study and contrasting scenarios of international transport fullfilling objectives of sustainable development (pdf)
Work package: 3
Jonathan Köhler, Fraunhofer ISI, Karlsruhe

Global Eco-innovation, economic impacts and competitiveness in Environmental Technologies (pdf)
Work package: 3
Rainer Walz, Jonathan Köhler and Frank Marscheider-Weidemann, Fraunhofer ISI, Karlsruhe

D14 –
First Protoype: Policy-making for sustainability: assessing two policy initiatives (pdf)
Work package: 5
here and here
H. Stephan, L. Olsson, Lund University

D15 –
Report from annual meeting with the project partners December 2010 (pdf)

D16 –
Special issue of a peer reviewed journal: Sustainable Development in a Globalised World. The Journal of Environment and Development.

D17 – 
Dissemination plan (pdf)

D18 – 
Stakeholder mapping (pdf)

D19 –
Background papers for the international conference (pdf)

D22 –
First PAB meeting report (pdf)

D23 –
Report on PAB meeting in preparation for international conference (pdf)

D24 –
Conference summary for policy makers (pdf)

D25 –
Report on the international conference (pdf)

D26 –
Policy briefs compilation (pdf)

D30 –
Final report on integrated scenarios (pdf)

D31 –
Edited volume (pdf)

D32 –
Web based assessment framework is available here.

DX –
Report(s) on the COST Action Network International workshop on Population and Migration
Report A (pdf)
Report B (pdf)




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