Contemplative Sustainable Futures

Supporting funding organisation
The Swedish Research Council Formas & the Sustainable Urban Transformation Project (prolongation 2016-2019).

Project leader
Christine Wamsler, Associate Professor at LUCSUS

Project summary
Humanity is facing increasingly complex environmental and sustainability challenges. Current coordination mechanisms, problem-solving strategies, and modes of scientific inquiry, teaching and learning appear insufficient to address these challenges. As a result, expanded consciousness, embodied in notions such as mindfulness, compassion and emotional intelligence, is emerging as a potential new area of exploration. The “Contemplative Sustainable Futures Program” was set up to explore this new area and create space and opportunities for learning, networking and knowledge development on this topic. In this context, special attention is given to the issue of mindful climate adaptation and risk reduction.

The “Contemplative Sustainable Futures Program” consists of different building blocks and includes the creation of a scientific network and database. Please send an email to if you would like to become part of this network (and related mailing lists) or would like to share relevant research, practice or teaching approaches.

New publication: Wamsler C., Brossmann J., Hendersson H., Kristjansdottir R., McDonald C., Scarampi P. (2017) Mindfulness in sustainability science, practice and teaching. Sustainability Science. Forthcoming.

During 2015-2016 an experimental learning lab on mindfulness in sustainability science, practice and education was integrated into two Master’s level courses. The lab was developed and conducted in cooperation with the Student Health Centre and five LUMES students.

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