Research Projects

LUCSUS is initiating and coordinating transdisciplinary research proposals for comprehensive research programs, mainly EU funded. Since LUCSUS is an umbrella organisation, it can create research coalitions with any department at the University on a project by project basis.

skorstenarSeamless researchers. Photographer Mats SvenssonCharcoal. Photogrpaher Ann Ã…kermanSugar beets. Photographer Ann Ã…kerman

The focus on research and education in Sustainability Science spans global, regional and local issues, events and relationships. The focal points are the two major interfaces between Natural and Social sciences and between scientific knowledge and society’s use of this knowledge to promote sustainable development. Sustainability research is developed mainly in the interfaces between existing areas of knowledge and is thus highly interdisciplinary and aims to create new forms of collaboration across disciplinary boundaries and diverse areas of knowledge. Sustainability science uses and further develops a wide range of scientific methods. Both quantitative and qualitative perspectives and data are used and constructed.

Current main research projects at LUCSUS

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