Open guest lecture with Margaret C. Lee – Nov 11

Most welcome to an open guest lecture with Margaret C. Lee

November 11, 2-4pm

at LUCSUS (Biskopsgatan 5, Jospehson building, Ostrom lecture room).

Title: Humanizing the Textile and Apparel Provision of the United States African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA)


In May 2000, President William Clinton signed into law the US African Growth and Opportunity Act. The major objective of the act is to increase Africa’s access to the markets in the United States. An important provision of the act outlined special provisions that would allow African textiles and apparels to enter the US market duty free. After providing an overview of AGOA, a theoretical framework for analysis is presented – globalization from below. Finally, three cases studies are examined – Lesotho, Ramatex in Namibia, and Tri-Star in Uganda. In these case studies we are able to hear the voices of the workers and examine whether the US government has, as claimed, enhanced the lives of AGOA workers.

Margaret C. Lee is based at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and works on the political economy of trade, development and resource extraction with focus on Africa. Publications include her recent book: “Trading Stories: Africa’s World Markets and International Trade Regimes”. See:

Most welcome and please help to spread the invitation to interested colleagues and students!

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