New Special Issue – Journal of Environment and Development

The final papers results from the GLOBIS (Globalisation Informed by Sustainable Development, EU FP7) project are now published as a special issue in Journal of Environment and Development. We proceed from the understanding that globalisation, development and sustainability are discussed in normative languages of conflicting goals, means and visions while also interacting in complex and contextually mediated ways. Importantly, the three processes have different degrees of institutionalisation and operationalization and are driven by different, sometimes conflicting interests. In this special issue, edited by Olsson, Hourcade and Köhler, we present six articles from the GLOBIS project that may serve as inspiration and problematization of the emerging Sustainable Development Goals.

We focus on five central international policy areas that are key to the three global processes and discourses: food, agriculture and land use; international transport; energy; eco-innovation; and migration. The issue is introduced by Jerneck who discusses how the three discourses both intersect with and deviate from each other. Proceeding from the assumption that sustainable development have barely advanced beyond political rhetoric, she discusses the idea of a ‘mobilising narrative’ on climate change while also suggesting substantive inputs to it. The narrative is an unfolding story with the potential to serve as a theoretical thinking tool and an empirical guide to promote practical action. Following that, we investigate aspects of agriculture and food, energy, transportation, eco-innovation and finally also migration as a potential result of climate change and environmental degradation.

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