New book on adaptation, development and transformation, with contributions from LUCSUS

A new book, Climate change adaptation and development: Transforming paradigms and practices” is out now, from Routledge. The book, which features contributions from a number of researchers at LUCSUS, draws on critical case studies to problematise questions of adaptation and social transformation, from the point of view of development, in the context of a changing climate. It pays particular attention to the problematic potential in development work of reproducing social and political conditions that contribute to vulnerability, thus seeing adaptation as a process of both adapting to change and reducing the factors that contribute to the production of vulnerability.

LUCSUS researchers have contributed two chapters to the volume:

Christine Wamsler and Ebba Brink authored chapter 4, entitled: Adaptive Capacity: From coping to sustainable transformation

and, Sara Gabrielsson contributed chapter 5, which is titled: Gender Matters: Adaptive capacities to climate variability and change in the Lake Victoria Basin

The book can be found for sale on Amazon and Routledge.

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