Making Research Matter More – from knowledge to action with farmers in Uganda.

The short film  – “Making research matter – from knowledge to action with farmers in Uganda” – builds on a PhD project in sustainability science (Andersson 2014) and is part of our research outreach efforts at LUCSUS. It represents one attempt to explore and pursue the use of the film medium as an alternative tool for research communication. At the same time, this film presents a concrete example of how action-oriented research can be employed in sustainability science to generate place-based knowledge as well as practical outcomes in favour of sustainability. More specifically, the film focuses on land degradation – a serious sustainability challenge in many parts of the world – and reflects a process in which smallholder farmers in Uganda were involved in research to jointly define problems and develop a partial solution to soil fertility problems, namely the use of human urine as fertilizer in food production.



Link to the video at Youtube
“Making Research Matters –  from knowledge to action with farmers in Uganda




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