LUMES publication – A review of urban ecosystem services: Six challenges for future research

A group of (now graduated) students from the LUMES programme have, together with students from the Master’s Programme in Sustainability Science at Leuphana University, Germany and research staff from the two universities, published a review article on ecosystem services in urban planning. This international research and education project took place during 2013-2014 and consisted of two joint workshops and continuous online collaboration.

The students’ research examined emerging trends and gaps in how urban ecosystem services are conceptualized in peer-reviewed case study literature, including the geographical distribution of research, the development and use of the urban ecosystem services concept, and the involvement of stakeholders. In the resulting paper, published in the journal Ecosystem Services, they highlight six recommendations for strengthening the potential of the ecosystem services concept to facilitate meaningful inter- and transdisciplinary work in both research and planning.

Luederitz, C., Brink, E., Gralla, F., Hermelingmeier, V., Meyer, M., Niven, L., Panzer, L., Partelow, S., Rau, A.-L., Sasaki, R., Abson, D.J., Lang, D.J., Wamsler, C., and Von Wehrden, H., 2015. A review of urban ecosystem services: Six challenges for future research. Ecosystem Services, 14, 98–112.

Read the paper here:

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