LUCSUS equity and diversity workshop

Last Thursday the staff at LUCSUS, in collaboration with Adrian Repka from the consultancy jämfota, hosted, and participated in, a workshop to enhance our capacity to recognize and work with norms, power and centricity.

Here is a short presentation of Adrian:

“My name is Adrian Repka and I work with anti-oppressive or non-normative organizational development through Jämfota. The aim of Jämfota is to increase inclusiveness and just practices by working from the inside of an organization and out. The name Jämfota translates into ”both feet”, the ”Jäm” in the word is the same as in the beginning of the Swedish word ”jämlikhet”: equality. It is a wordplay on ableism (the assumption that everyone has and should have the same degree of ableness).”

The event was part of our work aiming at strengthening equity and diversity according to our strategic plan (strategisk handlingsplan för jämställdhet, likabehandling och mångfald). Adrian previously worked with LU when he in May 2014 organized a workshop around these important topics. (

The workshop took place on Thursday, December 11th, from 2pm to 6pm at LUCSUS. It consisted of both plenary-style presentations and more hands on case based smaller-group discussions. The equity and diversity group, which consists of Cheryl, Molly, Turaj, Vasna and Sara B, and under whose initiative this workshop took place, are now working on ways we can continue and build on the good work that was done.

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