LUCSUS and Practical Action hosted a side event at the COP22 in Marrakech

Emily Boyd, LUCSUS and Colin McQuistan, Practical Action hosted a side event on the first day of the COP22 in Marrakech on the emerging critical issue of Loss and Damage.

img_2399-tnFrom L-R: Rachel James, Environmental Change Institute, Oxford University; Reinhard Mechler, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis; Colin McQuistan, Practical Action; Emily Boyd, Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies; Pablo Suarez, Red Cross Climate Centre; and Saleemul Huq, Director, International Centre for Climate Change and Development
Photo from IISD website

In recent years, Loss and Damage (L&D) has gained enormous traction in international climate policy, and there is now an emerging body of insight from research and practice helping to better understand and manage L&D. On the first day of the COP, we invited researchers, practitioners, and policy-makers to come together to discuss perspectives and options for L&D, and to take stock of the latest developments in science and practice.

For many, L&D is an unclear concept, and we began with a report from an in depth study of stakeholder perspectives of L&D, identifying a spectrum of views. Then options for clarifying perspectives and identifying a policy space for L&D were considered, with emphasis on a climate risk lens. This was followed by insights from practitioners about what L&D means in the field, and areas where new approaches may be needed to address L&D. The focus then turned to national policy, with a report on an analysis of existing national mechanisms in six countries. Finally, we invited the audience to discuss future options for L&D.

Read the Policy Brief (pdf)

More info at IISD’s website

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