How do we reach zero climate impact? A seminar with Anders Wijkman

Lund University Sustainability Forum is organizing a seminar where Anders Wijkman, Miljömålsberedningen, and researchers from Lund University will discuss how to turn words into action in the Swedish climate policy on the road towards zero emissions.

When: Wednesday 28 October 2015, 13.00-15.00
Where: LUX, large auditorium, Helgonavägen 3, Lund

How do we reach zero climate impact? – from Swedish environmental objectives to international climate negotiations

If  the ambition to limit climate impacts by keeping global warming below two degrees is to be reached, it is urgent to reverse the trend of increasing emissions to a strong reduction on the global scale. In December, the world will meet in Paris to agree on the way forward under a new climate agreement. Sweden contributes internationally, within the EU, and by having a national climate policy. Now a roadmap towards a society without net greenhouse gas emissions is prepared.

Which ways forward are discussed within the All Party Committee on Environmental Objectives (Miljömålsberedningen)? Are the possibilities affected by the outcome from Paris? Can Sweden lead the way in the transition, and what do we in that case need to do? How much does is cost? Is anyone working against it? What can the state do and what is the role of other actors/stakeholders, such as cities and urban areas?

During this afternoon, we hope to get a better picture of how Sweden’s road towards a fossil free society may look, and how research can contribute.

Find all information about the event here

Organizer: Lund University Sustainability Forum

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