LUCSUS has a strong ambition to take active part in and contribute to the science-society dialogue. For that reason LUCSUS has an outreach programme with a wide range of activities from the local to the global level and with a focus on various challenges in different parts of the world.

LUCSUS has thupfsmallere capacity to organise public lectures and workshops. We cooperate with a range of organisations on a case by case basis and have a long-term collaboration with The Association of Foreign Affairs in Lund, UPF.

fossilfreeLUCSUS staff and LUMES students are involved in
Fossil Free Lund University, which is a campaign to move Lund University assets from investments in oil, coal and gas.

On the regional level LUCSUS is an active bolmenweb
partner in several educational projects, from occasional guest lectures for high school students to more long-term cooperation projects on education and awareness-building activities. As an example we collaborate with Sydvatten which produces drinking water for a major part of the south of Sweden.  In the long-term project Think H2O! Sydvatten offers teachers and their students in upper secondary school, a two-day school camp at lake Bolmen, which is one of the most important resources for drLogo_TänkH2Oinking water in Sweden. Together with Sydvatten several teachers from LUCSUS are involved in the planning and implementation of this school camp and in 2015  another 500 students will be invited to participate.
Read more about the project at Sydvatten’s website »

Togetwwwdlitenher with Sydvatten, Vattenhallen Science Center at Lund University, Kretseum at VASyd and HUT Skåne we organise the yearly event of World Water Day.

LUCloggaSUS is also an active partner within the network of HUT Skåne, Hållbar Utveckling Skåne (Sustainable development Skåne) and within the network of RCE Skåne focusing on education for sustainable development.

 On the international level we are expanding our activities as a Right Livelihood College. Together with RLA Foundationrlc, LUCSUS is  organizing seminars in the Swedish parliament. Parliamentarians, journalists, diplomats, academics and representatives from civil society groups in Sweden discuss different sustainability challenges with RLA Laureates who work with these issues on a daily basis, as well as with researchers from Lund University.  In connection with the yearly Right Livelihood Award ceremony we invite the laureates to give an open lecture in Lund. We also encourage the LUMES students to write their master thesis in connection to the work of different RLA laureates. For more information see here.

All these outreach activities are integrated in our masters programme, LUMES. During the various LUMES courses, students are inspired and encouraged to develop ideas about sustainable practices. In the Making Change Happen course some of these ideas can be put into practice and the theoretical learning from different courses be put to a test in real life and in collaboration with a variety of local actors. LUMES students are also involved in the student association Hållbart Universitet (Sustainable University).

In several of our research projects, LUCSUS staff is engaging with local communities. One example is a PhD research project “Human Urine as Fertilizer” including joint experimentation with farmers in Uganda to improve soil fertility by using human urine to improve maize yield.

Another research project is the “Smokeless Kitchen”, where LUCSUS is introducing improved stoves to subsistence farmers through local social entrepreneurs. The aim of the project is to improve health, boost the local economy and halt deforestation. For more information see here.

LUCSUS contact person:
Educational projects, HUT Skåne and “Smokeless Kitchen”
Ann Åkerman

LUCSUS contact person:
“Human Urine as Fertilzer”
Elina Andersson

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