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Henner Busch – Green Attraction

In this video Henner Busch presents the article “Green Attraction” which he and his colleague and supervisor Stefan Anderberg recently published in the Journal of Management and Sustainability. In the article Henner and Stefan investigate if and how German cities use their membership in transnational municipal climate networks to spread their green city branding messages.
Film produced by Ann Åkerman.
Link to the article:
More information about Henner’s research »
More information about Stefan’s research »

shortcuts-up-bronzeTorsten Krause -Voices from the Focali Research Network

Focali (Forest, Climate, and Livelihood research network) is a Swedish research network focusing on forest / bio-energy, climate change and poverty issues.
Torsten Krause at LUCSUS, is a member of the Focali Research Network. See the video where he is presenting his research.

See all the videos from the Focali Research Network

shortcuts-up-bronzeHenner Busch – Linked for Action

This is the video abstract for the article entitled “Linked for Action?” by Henner Busch published in the International Journal of Urban Sustainable Development. The article investigates the potential impact of transnational municipal climate networks on local climate governance in Germany.
Film produced by Ann Åkerman.
More information about Henner’s research »
Link to the article:

shortcuts-up-bronzeSustainable Management of Coastal Zones

LUCID PhD candidate, Chad Boda was invited to present his research at the 3rd GPSS-GLI International Symposium at the University of Tokyo, January 19-20, 2015.
The presentation represents an article Chad co-authored with LUCID graduate Vasna Ramasar and is titled “Sustainable management of coastal zones: Six cross-scale and cross-level linkages”. It proposes strategies for managing barrier islands in the context of cross-level and cross-scale interactions in mutliple domains, be they spatial, temporal or organisational/institutional.
Film produced by Ann Åkerman.
More information about Chad’s research »

shortcuts-up-bronzeLocal Power

This video is a teaser for the article “Local Power” Henner Busch, a LUCID PhD candidate published together with his colleague Kes McCormick from IIIEE. The article looks at the motivation of mayors to support the development of renewable energy projects in rural areas in Germany. In the video Henner briefly presents the cases they investigated and talk a bit about the key findings of the research and what we can learn from them.
Open access link to the article:
Film produced by Ann Åkerman.

shortcuts-up-bronzeA Pathway out of Poverty?

Improving rural livelihoods in Africa through the diffusion of sustainable innovations

The film presents a market-based initiative to promote sustainable development through the introduction of simple technologies. The film focuses on the early successes of the diffusion of cook stoves and rainwater harvesting systems, and the main challenges with sustaining the initiative.
Film produced by Ann Åkerman and Barry Ness.

More info about the project »

shortcuts-up-bronzeRivers and Struggles

What happens to rural life and to the rights of people and nature when parts of a river system are privatized? Who owns the water?
This film based on Mine Islar’s PhD research project, asks these questions and explores the flowing politics of renewable energy in the villages of Turkey.
Film produced by Ipek Efe and Ann Åkerman.

More info about Mine’s thesis »

shortcuts-up-bronzeSmokefree kitchen

This film presents the introduction of improved cook stoves.
The smokeless stoves address multiple sustainability challenges:
• Climate change
• Deforestation/Land use change
• Poverty alleviation (time and money savings)
• Ill-health (indoor air pollution)

The film produced by Henrik Thorén, LUCID,
(Lund University Centre of Excellence for Integration of Social and Natural Dimensions of Sustainability), and
Ann Åkerman, LUCSUS.

More info about the project »

shortcuts-up-bronzeSense and Sensibilities of Coherence:
Multiple dimensions of human resilience

Dr Astier M. Almedom, Guest Professor at LUCSUS talks about Sense and Sensibilities of Coherence (SSOC) – a multifaceted tool for capturing the human capacity to survive, and even thrive against the odds in the 21st Century. Her research has extended the late Professor Aaron Antonovsky’s work beyond stress management, to highlight culture, language and multitude other social determinants of the human capacity for resilience – constantly adapting to, and learning from change, without loss of identity, core purpose and function — sustainability of human life, co-dependent livelihoods, and the biosphere. We note that Dr Aaron Antonovsky was also a Guest Professor at Lund University about twenty years ago. Dr Almedom’s research is supported by the Rockefeller Foundation, New York.

shortcuts-up-bronzeRight Livelihood Award Laureate 2013, Hans Herren

Hans Herren participating at the “Future of Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems in 2050” seminar organized jointly by LUCSUS, a Right Livelihood College and  SLU Global, Partnerskap Alnarp  on December 4, 2013.

Right Livelihood Award »
Right Livelihood College » shortcuts-up-bronzePlanet Under Pressure 2012 – Panel Discussion: Governance 2.0

Planet Under Pressure 2012 was the largest gathering of global change scientists leading up to the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20) with a total of 3,018 delegates at the conference venue and over 3,500 that attended virtually via live webstreaming. The Plenary sessions and the Daily Planet news show continue to draw audiences world wide as they are available On Demand.

See all the films from the conference:

Moderator: Andrew Revkin, NY Times
Oran Young, Professor, University of California, USA
Gustavo Fonseca, Head of Natural Resources, Global Environment Facility, USA
Daniëla Mariuzzo, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, Rabobank International, Brazil
Warren Evans, Senior Adviser, Sustainable Development, World Bank
Yannick Glemarec, Director of Environment Finance at UNDP
Angela Cropper, Special Advisor to the Executive Director, United Nations Environment Programme
Youth Representative: Vasna Ramasar Doctoral student, LUCSUS

shortcuts-up-bronzeVoices from LUMES Graduates 2013

Graduated students share the hightlights
from their time at LUMES.

Lund University International Master’s Programme in Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science.
Film produced by Ann Åkerman. »

shortcuts-up-bronzeLUMES Project: Knowledge to Action

“Bag for Good”

Bag for Good is a group of LUMES students committed to the reduction, reuse, and recycling of plastic bags. For more information about the project “Bag for Good” »

They are doing this project in the course Knowledge to Action. For more information about the course »

shortcuts-up-bronzeLUMES Lecture – Why debating?
Debate Skills Training Part 1(3)

Lecture in the LUMES programme »

The first video of three in Debate Skills Training

The LUMES student Peer Klüßendorf,
European Champion in Debating

Film Ann Åkerman

shortcuts-up-bronzeLUMES Lecture – Structuring Speeches
Debate Skills Training Part 2(3)

Lecture in the LUMES programme »
The second video of three in Debate Skills Training

The LUMES student Peer Klüßendorf,
European Champion in Debating

Film Ann Åkerman

shortcuts-up-bronzeLUMES Lecture – Common Fallacies
Debate Skills Training Part 2(3)

Lecture in the LUMES programme »
The third video of three in Debate Skills Training

The LUMES student Peer Klüßendorf,
European Champion in Debating

Film Ann Åkerman

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